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What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is a form of therapy used primarily for children (3-12 years old). That’s because children may not be able to process their own emotions or articulate problems to parents or other adults. Play therapist can provide a safe environment where children can explore their feelings, thoughts, experiences and behaviors through the use of creative arts and play, without the fear of failure or judgment. The therapy is non-judgmental and accepting, allowing the child to safely explore traumas or emotions that they may otherwise not be able to be put into words.


Proven Method

PTUK's (Play Therapy United Kingdom) clinical evidence base, containing over 12,000 cases, shows that between 77% and 84% of children show a positive change through the use of creative arts and play therapy when delivered to PTUK standards. The more severe the problem, the higher the percentage of children that show a positive change.

Play Therapy FAQ

Play therapist helps children express their emotions through creative arts and play. It is not necessary for children to talk in play therapy if they are not comfortable in verbal communication. Play therapist can use the following ways to help children explore emotions and deal with unresolved trauma.

Dance & Movement
Creative Visualization

Bereavement or Loss
Separated or Divorced Parents
Under-Performing (Academically or Socially)
Behavioral Problems
Communication Problems
Autistic Spectrum or ADHD
Delayed Development
Social Exclusion
Bullied or Bullies
Eating disorders
Bed wetting
School Refusal
Selective Mutism

The therapist will contact you through email to understand the issues of your child and answer your queries. If parent has decided to let his/her child receive play therapy from Rainbow Kids Play Therapy, a form called Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires (SDQ) will be sent to parent. SDQ is to help the therapist assess the strengths and difficulties of the child. The therapist will arrange a time for a session with parent to understand more about the background information for intake assessment which will be conducted on Zoom. When sufficient information is obtained, the therapist will recommend the number of sessions based on the risk of the child.

Normally 6 – 12 weekly sessions will be recommended first. Therapist will continue to assess the needs of the child during therapy and discuss with parent for further intervention if necessary.

Parent can also consult therapist how to support the child at home in a separate parent consultation session.

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