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The Therapist

Jeanie So
Founder of Rainbow Kids
Senior Counsellor
Senior Play Therapist

My Qualifications

• Master of Arts in Counselling (SBC)
• Postgraduate Diploma in Play Therapy (PTI)
• Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills (PTI)
• Postgraduate Certificate in Systemic Thinking and Approaches (CCC)
• Postgraduate Certificate in Education (HKU)
• Certificate in Sandtray Therapy (IPCF)
• Certificate in Lego-based Therapy (IPCF)
• Certificate in Filial Play Therapy (PRPress)
• Professional Certificate in Management of Family Violence: Intervention in Family Violence Cases (MSF) 


• Clinical Member and Registered Counsellor
(SAC — Singapore Association of Counselling; Membership no.: C0546)
• Certified Play Therapist
(PTI — Play Therapy International; Membership no.: 201400410) 
• Registered Social Service Practitioner
(SASW — Singapore Association of Social Workers; Membership no.: RSSP-0123)


- English
- Chinese
- Cantonese

I embarked on my journey as a professional counsellor two decades ago when I pursued a Master of Arts in Counselling at Singapore Bible College. For the past 18 years, I have dedicated myself to serving individuals and families in various community and school settings. I provided school counselling in different secondary schools for the first few years of my work which helped me understand the challenges of the youth in our education system and society. Previously holding the position of senior counsellor at a social service agency, I now operate Rainbow Kids as a private practitioner. In addition to working with children, youth, and young adults, I extend my support to parents and families. My expertise encompasses a wide array of issues, including mental health challenges, relationship difficulties, family issues, divorce and instances of self-harm or suicidal ideation. Through my compassionate approach and provision of a safe environment, I empower my clients to discover their strengths, enhance their self-worth, and embrace their identities, thereby equipping them with effective coping strategies.

My journey of play therapy started in 2014 when I found that many children were not coping with their education and their well-being was suffering because of family issues. They were unable to express their negative feelings and resorted to self-harm or other negative behaviors. I also came to realize that many of the usual counselling techniques did not work with these children. They did not respond well to consequences or affirmation of their parents. However, I knew there must be a way to reach these children which motivated me to explore creative arts and play therapy. It was here that my journey into play therapy began.

I started to use play therapy on children with different issues, like trauma, witnessing family violence, child abuse, divorced parents, poor self-esteem, medical issues, aggressive behavior, ADHD, depression and suicidal…etc. The power of play therapy is like a magic and frees the children from their unwanted behaviors. Many children simply do not have the verbal language to put their emotions and traumas into words. They feel unheard and unloved. Through creative arts and play therapy, children start to express their emotions in a non-verbal way in a safe and non-judgmental environment. The therapy can also help children access their unconscious mind and allow it to begin to surface so they can become aware of their thoughts and feelings and who they truly are. I saw many of these children transform into children, who could now begin to love themselves and develop loving relationship with others. Some can even do better in their study because their negative energy trapped in their bodies was gone.

As an experienced play therapist, I seamlessly integrate creative arts and play therapy in my counselling approach when working with teenagers. This integration often encourages teenagers to open up and actively engage in the therapeutic process. Engaging in creative processes during counselling can also access the subconscious thoughts and feelings of client, revealing underlying issues that may not surface through conversation alone. This can ultimately lead to deeper insights and facilitate therapeutic breakthroughs.

I always feel privileged to journey with my clients through their difficult times, and it brings me immense joy to witness their positive transformation and growth. I work with parents in the process so that they know how to support their children at home. Come and try a new way of understanding and journey with me! 

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