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Filial Play Coaching

What is filial play?

Filial play, also known as Filial Therapy or Filial Play Therapy, is an approach used in therapy that involves teaching parents or caregivers how to conduct structured play sessions with their children.

In filial play, a trained play therapist guides parents or caregivers on how to create a supportive and nurturing environment for their child's emotional expression and growth through play. Parents learn specific techniques to engage their child in play activities at their home environment that promote communication, emotional regulation, problem-solving, and relationship building. The therapist also observes the interactions between the parent and child in a play session, provide coaching and support, and offers feedback to help the parent become more attuned and responsive to their child's needs. 

Goals of Filial Play

• Help children recognize and express their feelings fully and constructively.
• Reduce or eliminate children’s maladaptive behaviours.
• Increase children's self confidence and self-esteem
• Develop positive interactions, attachment and relationship between parents and their children.
• Increase parents’ understanding of their own children
• Support parents to develop a variety of skills that are likely to yield better child-rearing outcome, thus increase parents’ confidence in parenting. 

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